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  • Hi rida,

    The process for applying to every university in Germany is the same. You’ve to make a list of the universities. fulfill their requirements. send them the document by the medium they have asked you to send them. And wait for them to reach back to you with an admission letter or a rejection letter. If you get the admission you have to apply for a bank account and send money into it around 8600 euros (i am not sure about the exact number). Once all of this is done. You can apply for a visa and leave for Germany.

    In order to understand how each and every step works.

    Please look at the answer in the following link by me also.

    For scholarships look at the following questions in this link.

    If you have any further specific question. Feel free to ask me.

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  • Hatchling Asked on January 13, 2019 in Study and Life in Germany.

    Hi did you checked out the following links ?

    Can you be more specific about what do you meant by best ? do you mean good teachers by best ? or you mean better activities, events ? or better job opportunities ?

    I will recommend you to take a look at the courses description and the subjects they are teaching.  Than decide which course do you want to go for.

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  • Hatchling Asked on January 9, 2019 in Study and Life in Germany.

    I will recommend you to go for class room studies instead of online because of the environment and making new friends who might inform you about more things about Germany. Your learning will be more productive, try speaking German with them doesnt matter if its broken German.

    Jobs will definitely slow down the drain of cash flow. If you want your 9000 to be untouched, you would have to be very careful about your spendings. For e.g, you should not travel around in Europe, make food at home and dont go out with friends and save from every place you can. I wont recommend living a life like that.

    But this doesn’t mean you will eventually run out of cash and will have to ask for more money from your family. This is not gonna happen unless you are too careless about your spendings. So its all about maintaining a balance in your cash income from jobs and your cash outflow. The more you balance it the more you save from those 9000. Initially for at least 2 to 3 months you won’t find a job and you will be living on that unblocked 750 per month( correct me if I’m wrong ).

    Enjoy your time, spend your money carefully on yourself. This will play a role in your mindset towards your studies also, you need to freshen up your mind time and again.

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  • Hatchling Asked on January 9, 2019 in Study and Life in Germany.

    If you are sure about going to Germany I will recommend you to start learning German from now. Because most Universities might ask you to have a German B1 level and if you already have that, you will have even more options to apply at different Universities. And if you apply for a visa also, it will leave a good impression to the embassy guys that you are serious about studying there and also their culture. In addition,if you are planning to stay there after finishing your studies. You can apply for a PR in 21 months after recieving your blue card ( you get this when you finish your stufies and start working full time ). This PR can only be recieved in 21 months if you are German B1 level, otherwise it will take you 33 months.

    Hence there are several advantages in the long run if you learn German now.

    You can learn German in one of the institutes in your city, this might be a bit expensive but i will highly recommend it.

    Goethe Institute offer really good German courses. Apart from this, you can use the app Duolingo to fix your German and Quizlet to make flash cards for vocabulary.

    I am not aware of any German courses that I will recommend since I have not tried any myself. But there are a lot of videos online so just try them out.

    Look at this question for further info.

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  • Hatchling Asked on January 9, 2019 in Study and Life in Germany.

    Hi Ammar,

    I will completely agree with muneeb’s answers. It is worth investing your money in Germany if you are seriously looking to enhance your skills and look for better opportunities.

    Everyone is able to manage their financials with odd jobs so dont worry. There are also hiwi jobs which are provided by professors, these jobs pay a bit more than the odd jobs. Also than there are jobs in companies which pay even more.

    But you will be able to manage your financials for yourself only if you are doing odd jobs. You wont be able to send money back to your family if you are planning to do that.

    I am from an average family too and it was worth the investment for me. It only depends on how you do things there. It will definitely not be a walk in the park but we have to work hard to get somewhere and I don’t know of anyone who got afraid of that and went back home. So when everyone can do it. You will be able to do it too.

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  • Hatchling Asked on December 27, 2018 in General Living.

    please read the following link

    Contact the guy mentioned in this link he might be the right guy to help you with this equivalency certificate.

    Mr. Arif Saeed is his name.

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  • Hatchling Asked on December 26, 2018 in General Living.

    i dont understand, what is your current status ? have you done your MSc in Geology already ? Can you be more elaborate about this JSV certificate ? what does this mean ? what are you trying to achieving ??

    there is no one city which i would say is preferable for a single lady, it doesnt workout like this. The example criteria for deciding a city could be on the basis of job opportunities, or how expensive the city is, etc.

    the living expense also varies from city to city. for example Munich is an expensive city. If you are working full time in Munich than you can expect to pay around 1400 to 1500 per month for food and rents and other stuff. But if you go to some other city it will be a bit more cheaper.

    What do you want to know about accommodation ? ?

    The best way to get an employment is to build a nice looking cv, in europass format. Check the following question for an example cv

    Than start applying for jobs on websites like , ,

    If you manage to secure a job the company will automatically help you with the visa process.

    If you want to go to Germany for job seeker visa.
    check the following url.

    Just make sure to fulfill these requirements and follow the process.

    Hope this helps.

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  • Hatchling Asked on December 23, 2018 in Study and Life in Germany.

    if you are seriously interested in learning German and not getting to learn what you really wanted. I would suggest to start applying for something that you really want to do instead of wasting time.

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  • Hatchling Asked on December 21, 2018 in General Living.

    It is now much faster due to the new office. It takes around 1 hr on average to get your turn.

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  • Hatchling Asked on December 21, 2018 in Jobs.

    I would suggest you to go for the following companies.



    If you’re more into web dev and mobile dev. Take a look at Digital Patrioten AG


    Please search on job portals like or for finding further jobs in freiburg.

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