Any Plus for Disabled Student to get admission in germany?

Hi i have a physical disability,I have done BS in Electrical engineering,now i want MS in Engineering,is ther any scholarship where i can apply? and is their any scholarship for disabled person..Please help

Neubee Asked on December 14, 2018 in Study and Life in Germany.
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Hatchling Answered on December 14, 2018.
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German Universities always give priority and also offers lots of scholarships to disable people. Plus you can also apply for normal scholarships as well.  I will recommend you to apply all over Europe for scholarships.

Here are some interesting articles about scholarships offered in Europe:

Neubee Answered on December 14, 2018.
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Hi Ali.

Daad atleast doesn’t provide any scholarships for people with disablities. You  can go through the following link for further understanding.  Mobility With Disability .

But as far as I’ve researched. Germany has no support for scholarships for disabled people. You can use the following information to write these guys an email about further opportunities

Do you have any questions or require further advising?

The following offices and organisations can help you plan a term of study abroad with a disability or chronic illness:

  • The International Office at your university is the first place to go for questions regarding academic mobility.
  • If you have questions about DAAD scholarships and funding programmes, please contact us via:
  • At almost every German university and Studentenwerk organisation, there are academic advisors who provide on-site advising services to current and prospective students who have disabilities or chronic illnesses. Visit the website of the German Studentenwerk to find an advisor to help you.
  • Student councils sometimes offer consultation or have committees which specialise in issues related to disabilities or chronic illnesses. They can also answer your questions and provide help with any problems you encounter.

But I would suggest you to not stop at that. Also look for all kinds of scholarships. You can find the scholarships on this page.

Hatchling Answered on December 14, 2018.
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