Find difficulty in choosing master program.

Hi Muazzam. This is abubakar from bahria. Doing job as Oracle RMS consultant in KSA. Need your advise which program i choose?No coding pls. Currently working as a support guy and more on designing processes. Also you are aware about my cgpa. looking for no tuition fee universities.


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Hi Abubakr,

I will recommend you to look for a managerial position that’s where you won’t need coding.

You can look at the this url for courses offered in English with no tution fee in Germany in the field of management.

You can also search for positions as scrum product owner. For scrum product owner you can look at the following urls.

Remember if you are planning for Germany, you would have to learn German in any case as these kinds of jobs require a lot of communication.

You can look for jobs available in the field of scrum product owner on linkedin or glassdoor.

Please write me your future questions at as I am not using this platform anymore.


Hatchling Answered on January 8, 2020.
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