Have anybody been to Schauinsland ? Is it worth going ? How much does it cost in total for a round trip for the day ?

Hi, I am visiting Freiburg with my mother for 3 days. We’re willing to go to Schauinsland together and some other places near the city. Can anyone tell me how much will cost us to go there and come back for one day ? I also heard there is a nice restaurant at the top, anyone knows how is the food quality like ?

Neubee Asked on June 11, 2018 in General Living.
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Hello there,

if you plan to stay in Freiburg for 3 days, you should consider buying the “Welcome”-Ticket which costs 26€ and gives you free ride for tram and train in and around Freiburg (the radius is pretty huge). It also gives you a free ride up to the Schauinsland and back: https://www.rvf.de/fahrkarten-tarife/einzel-tageskarten/3-tage-welcomekarte/

If you dont want to use the tram/train besides your trip to the schauinsland its not wth it, since the Schauinslandbahn costs 12,50€ by itself  plus ~5 € for the tram there and back. But i can only recommend buying it since it enables you to use the tram freely. For planning your route, you can use the site of the RVF (https://www.rvf.de/startseite/)

Now, i cant tell you much about the restaurant, but i wouldnt expect too much for your money. Anyways, here is the link: https://www.diebergstation.de/

Neubee Answered on June 27, 2018.
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