How is the Freiburg university Computer Science program, is it worth doing ?

Hi can anyone please give me some good information regarding this program ? I am planning to apply there.

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I am assuming you are planning to your masters here? Whether this Masters is good for you or not hinges upon your own interests and what you make out of the masters. Having persued Machine Learning as my majors, I can vouch for its quality. The research groups here very good at what they do and pack quite a punch, e.g. AIS, ML lab, CV lab. Your experience will also depend upon how you structure your degree. You will have a great amount of freedom to choose your subjects. 
Overall, I would recommend the MS here strongly. If however, you are looking for something other than Machine learning, then wait for someone else’s response, although I doubt it’s going to be negative. 😉

Neubee Answered on June 11, 2018.
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