How much is the cost of living in Freiburg? Will a student be able to work while studying?

I am planning to apply for University of Freiburg but before I just wanted to get to know some details regarding how the cost of living in the city is ? And if it’s easier to manage your finances ?

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You should expect to spend around 600 euros per month (excluding semester fee), but this is only valid if you manage to find cheap accommodation ( 210 – 250 euros)
The semester fee is 142 euros. And you might also want to buy a semester ticket 89 euros allowing you to travel freely in the region.

The biggest issue in Freiburg is finding accommodation.
Studierendenwerk Freiburg-Schwarzwald should be your first priority. Rents for single rooms at swfr range from 207 – 320+ euros. Check the corresponding dorm’s page for more details.

Here some other student dorms in Freiburg, that should apply to as well.
Katholisches Studentenwohnheim – Alban Stolz Haus – Freiburg
Studentenwohnheime bei THE FIZZ (Expensive)

Studentenwerk(swfr) has some emergency accommodation as well.
Quoting an email from the university:

If you cannot find a room before arriving in Freiburg, you can stay in the emergency housing offered by Studentenwerk. Just send an e-mail to and you will get a bed in a room. Please note that
you will have to share this room with other students. The cost is only 8 Euros per night, but you need to make a cash deposit of 100 Euros when picking up the key.
If you prefer a more private atmosphere, you can go to the youth hostel in Freiburg: Kartäuserstraße 151, 79104 Freiburg, Tel: 0761/67656, Fax: 0761/60367, E-Mail: info@jugendherberge-freiburg.deJugendherberge Freiburg

or – closer to the city center –
the Black Forest Hostel:
Kartäuserstr. 33, 79102 Freiburg,
Tel. 0761 / 881 78 70, Fax 0761 / 881 78 95,
Black Forest Hostel – Freiburg

And lastly, the risky WG Freiburg : WG Zimmer Angebote in Freiburg (An accommodation advertisement website). Beware of the scams on this website. DO NOT pay in advance, no matter how tempting the offer is. First visit the property, meet the landlord yourself and only then settle for the room.

” Work Situation “
You are allowed to work 85 hours per month. But considering you need to study as well, you will most likely be working 40-60 hours per month.

The pay rates depend on the job that you do. As a hiwi at university you should expect to earn 10.5 -11 euros per hour.
Software Companies outside the university pay more, 14-15 euros per hour.

If you neither have any software development nor any technical experience, then finding a hiwi might be a bit tough for you. I am not sure what kind of Hiwis do other departments offer. Check with your concerned department for details.
Of course you can always do odd jobs, the better you can speak German, the better are your chances to land an odd job.

Good luck.


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