How the process of opening a student blocked account at Fintiba works ?

Can anyone please tell me how the process of fintiba works from start to end ?

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Fintiba is just an online bank where you can put your blocked amount in. But to be able to take that money out for use there are no ATMs in Germany, hence you need an account in one of the local German banks ( deutsche bank, sparkasse whatever ).

Once you open a local German bank account you’ll just connect it to fintiba such that fintiba will put the blocked amount every month into your local bank account which you can use in Germany.

    • So the first step is to just go online on fintiba website and create a bank account there. You can transfer the money and do everything quickly.


    • Once you’ve opened an account, you go through your visa process.


    • After you arrive in Germany you’ll simply go to the Deutsche Bank and they will open an account for you and give you an IBAN.


    • Once you’ve this IBAN you can simply add this IBAN to the fintiba website and than you’re good to go.


These are just the general steps you go through if you want to open a fintiba account and live in Germany and remember when monthly fintiba will send money to your local German bank account they’ll charge you a small fee like 5 euros for example.

Neubee Answered on December 13, 2018.
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You can also check out the following post for more detail about the bank accounts:

Hatchling Answered on December 13, 2018.
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