Is there any one who can evaluate my resume and tell me if i have any chance to get selected for Master Program in Germany?

I want to evaluate my resume, in order to know if am lacking anything.

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Hi, you can share the link of your resume and I can look at it.

BusyBee Answered 6 days ago.

I just DM the link to u..

6 days ago.

Hi,  Your Resume looks nice and complete. Just want to ask if this is for admission in the University or for the job ?? If you are applying for a job then push the project section of your resume up after or before the work experience and also try to use hyperlinks instead of direct links. It is always better to construct your resume yourself instead of using a software/ website.   If you are applying for master’s then push your education section up. 

You can see my resume here for better understanding.  My resume is for machine learning position so all the information you see there is related to it.

6 days ago.

My resume is for Master,  for now

6 days ago.

my education detail must be above job experience? One more thing.. can you tell me if have any good chances to be selected for Masters Program inn Germany after reviewing my Resume…

6 days ago.

Your job experience increases your chance of getting selected for the Masters Program.  After motivation letter and grades, job experience plays a very vital role in your admission.

5 days ago.
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Hi ghazan. If you’re applying for Europe it’s mostly recommended to use europass cv format. You can use the following link to create your own europass cv format.


If you wanna see how europass cv looks like. You can take a look at my cv also.

Neubee Answered 6 days ago.
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