JSV advice Qualification equivalency/living expense etc

I would like to know about the following to apply for JSV visa

The equivalvency of the qualification  (how i can get the equivalency for M.Sc in Geology from university of Karachi at the website?)

living expense per month, which city is most favourable for a single lady? i need to know about accomodation too

i am looking to get employement as a project engineer/procurement in oil and gas/services companies so any tips//suggestion would be appreciated.

kind Regards,


Neubee Asked on December 26, 2018 in General Living.
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i dont understand, what is your current status ? have you done your MSc in Geology already ? Can you be more elaborate about this JSV certificate ? what does this mean ? what are you trying to achieving ??

there is no one city which i would say is preferable for a single lady, it doesnt workout like this. The example criteria for deciding a city could be on the basis of job opportunities, or how expensive the city is, etc.

the living expense also varies from city to city. for example Munich is an expensive city. If you are working full time in Munich than you can expect to pay around 1400 to 1500 per month for food and rents and other stuff. But if you go to some other city it will be a bit more cheaper.

What do you want to know about accommodation ? ?

The best way to get an employment is to build a nice looking cv, in europass format. Check the following question for an example cv

Than start applying for jobs on websites like monster.de , indeed.com , linkedin.com/jobs

If you manage to secure a job the company will automatically help you with the visa process.

If you want to go to Germany for job seeker visa.
check the following url.


Just make sure to fulfill these requirements and follow the process.

Hope this helps.

Hatchling Answered on December 26, 2018.
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Hi Faiza, I would advice you to first learn German at least B2 level because in project management jobs you have to manage people and do other things for that you must have good German skills. So first do German and in the meanwhile start applying for jobs from Pakistan and once you got the job then goto Germany

Neubee Answered on December 26, 2018.
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Thanks Muneeb for your reply, i  would like to apply for Job seeker visa  so is it also necessary to learn language  B2 level?

B2 level requires atleast 3 months. At the moment i can only able to qualfiy for A1 level and  i think for the basic A1 level i can handle project engineering or procurement jobs.

Neubee Answered on December 26, 2018.
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Thanks for your reply,i have done M.Sc and have some experience as well. I am fullfilling requirement of JSV so would like to apply for it

i need to attached with an equivalence certificate (seeanabin.kmk.org, for the exact main subject and university, but i could not get the exact egree detail. so how i can get equivalency>?



Neubee Answered on December 27, 2018.
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please read the following link


Contact the guy mentioned in this link he might be the right guy to help you with this equivalency certificate.

Mr. Arif Saeed is his name.

Hatchling Answered on December 27, 2018.
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