Procedure for applying to Germany for bachelors in Computer Science?

I want to apply to Germany, but I am completely lost on how to proceed with this. I’m doing A Levels, and I have 3 subjects: Maths, Phys, Comp. I wish to study computer science there. I pretty much have straight As.  Can some guide me a little bit? I’d really appreciate it!

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Hi, there are specific steps you need to follow whenever you want to study in Germany for any degree. I will keep things general for others to make use of this information in future.


  1. The first step is to search for the Universities which will offer the degree you are looking to study.
  2. Than you should check on their website what are their admission requirements. For example, the university of Freiburg admission requirements for computer science are listed here. Check the application and prerequisites section.
  3. Than gather all the required documents by the university and send these documents to the university.
  4. Usually the university gives a date after which they start contacting the students and tell them if they are accepted or not.
  5. If accepted, now you should go to your city German embassy website and look for their student visa requirements.
  6. Gather those documents along with the admission letter from the university and get an appointment for the visa.
  7. Get your visa and fly to Germany.


Hope this helps

Neubee Answered on July 20, 2018.
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