How to study in Germany if I’ve no money ?

My question is about study and jobs ??? and if have no money then is there any chance to study in Germany

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Studying in Germany is almost free. You just have to pay for the living expense here which is around 400 – 600 euros per month. Most students work here part-time along with there studies to pay their bills.

In my case, before coming to Germany I didn’t have so much money so I applied in various Universities in Germany. After securing the admission I borrowed money and blocked the amount of 8000 euro which is required to show to German Embassy in Pakistan for getting the visa.

After coming to Germany I worked part-time here with the studies and returned all the money back to my relatives and know after 4 years I am working here in a company and I have a blue card.

Neubee Answered on December 20, 2018.
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