Tax return in Germany ?


can anyone tell me the list of expenses that entitles me for a tax refund? I am an individual taxpayer and I fall under tax category 1.

Earlier my tax return was taken care of by Ernst and Young as they were appointed by my company but recently I have changed my Job and now I have to do it on my own. When they did it I remember that they claimed for a refund of some 200 Euros and they did ask me if I did some German language course, travel distance from home to workplace, if I spend money for buying clothes etc etc. I did not present any bills to them though I mentioned a few of the expenditures. I would be interested to know if there is a kind of list published by the German government for which you can claim tax exemption and get the refund for the same.


Another most important question is if I am paying rent for my apartment in Germany and I am not living in my apartment as my project is in some xyz country outside Europe for say 3-4 months can I ask for the tax refund on this rent amount. In most of the countries, there is an entitlement called HRA house rent allowance which is actually non-taxable and can be exempted after showing proper document for the specified limit. Is it also the same in Germany? Is the rent that you are paying can be exempted?


Thanks in advance.

Hatchling Asked on February 15, 2019 in General Living.
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